Connect with industry and other innovators that could use your assistance. Get your research funded.

Innovate Manitoba is well connected with industry and other innovators in need of advanced research.  We also work with funding organizations to help bridge the innovation gap with well-resourced projects.

Our popular Industry’Connects program is a collision of researchers, industry, and federal funding agencies. It’s designed to create collaborative and innovative research partnerships supported with federal research funds.


Need to develop a prototype, but don’t have those resources in-house? We can connect the dots.

Your prototype, or – in the startup world – minimum viable product is a key tool to advancing your potential business past the ideation stage; through testing and sharing it with others, you can learn, pivot, and/or replicate your way to a new product, process, or invention.

Innovate Manitoba leverages Manitoba’s innovation community to offer enterprising researchers prototyping resources via our prizes at Pitch’Day and Venture’Challenge, and through direct linkages. Contact us to learn more.


Already have an invention, patent, or intellectual property? We can be your innovation catalyst.

With our community partners, Innovate Manitoba supports the entire commercialization cycle. Our programs, such as Pitch’Day, Launch’Pad, and Venture’Challenge remove barriers and can give you that boost you need to get to your next milestone.

Innovate Manitoba provides direct commercialization support with qualified mentors as well as a world-class Market Intelligence program. Please inquire for more information. We are also in the process of establishing a Manitoba IP activator for researchers (more information to come).


Learn, connect, and grow with the support of our programs. They are designed for you.

We help you and/or your business grow stronger, faster. No matter what stage you are at, we have a program for that:

NEW: Access our Market Intelligence ProgramEntrepreneur’s Toolkit, and free enterprise resource planning software from Global Office Software.

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