Guided Customer Validation for Early Stage Ventures

Work with one of our expert advisors to validate your customer.

Innovate Manitoba is providing Guided Customer Validation for early stage ventures.  Half the cost of the service can be covered through the Province of Manitoba’s Commercialization Support for Business (CSB) Program; the other half is covered by the entrepreneur, which can be provided entirely through their own in-kind contributions to the study!

Customer Validation: A Critical Tool for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Early stage customer validation can be an important tool for increasing the success rate for early stage ventures.  Market validation work can lead to:

  • Earlier and more informed decisions on whether to move forward with any given product/service
  • Better intelligence as to the requirements for product/market fit and minimum viable product
  • A potential pool of beta customers
  • A more efficient use of the limited available capital
  • Entrepreneurs with a deeper understanding of their markets

Important Guidelines

This program is for entrepreneurs. It is designed to be efficient and affordable – to achieve this, Innovate Manitoba’s Guided Customer Validation Program has the following guidelines:

  • Not all, but a substantial portion of the work should be done by the entrepreneur subscribing to the program. Not only will this reduce the cost of the work, but more importantly, the entrepreneur will become intimately connected with  potential customers.
  • The work shouldn’t take too long: it must be strategic, effective and timely.
  • Advisor fees for each market validation study will range between $5,000 and $7,500, which can be covered by the Province’s CSB program.

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