Launch'Pad Accelerator

The Launch'Pad Accelerator program works on the premise that founders who continue to learn are more successful, and the belief that learning can be best achieved through access to knowledgeable mentors and startup thought leaders.

Launch’Pad Accelerator provides access to a team of local, national and international experts who will work with your venture to prepare it for growth.

What to Expect

Innovate Manitoba will meet with you to conduct a high level assessment of your venture-specific stage of development across five core areas of customer, product, team, business model and financials.

Innovate Manitoba then will match your venture with mentors with the capacity to address your unique development requirements. Mentors may be local, national or international depending upon your needs. As part of your mentoring, you also will receive access to a support network and connections through the mentors’ networks.


You will work with your mentors to create a roadmap setting out milestones capable of being achieved over appropriate time increments across each of the five core areas described above, as well as the key activities and capital required to achieve the milestones.

You then will work under your mentors’ guidance towards executing the agreed upon plan and achieving milestones. Regular meetings will be scheduled to assess progress and make course corrections. You will be accountable for achieving results against plan.


The top three startups at Venture’Challenge 2016 will win free participation in the Launch’Pad Accelerator program and, in a pilot project funded by the Province of Manitoba, access to $100,000 of non-dilutive funding to be applied towards their development.  For the ventures in this pilot project, funds necessary to achieve the next set of milestones will be advanced from time to time within the $100,000 budget envelope, based on recommendations of the mentors and Innovate Manitoba.

All ventures participating in the Launch’Pad Accelerator program will work with its mentors to develop a fundraising plan for the venture’s seed, bridge or Series A round, specific to the venture’s particular needs and stage of development, with the objective of being ready to scale while nearing the end of the program.


Launch'Pad Accelerator is by appointment only.

Contact Jan Lederman to apply today.

P: 204.284.9925


Shariff110820_005_8_10“I was impressed by the breadth of mentorship offer by the Launch’Pad Accelerator program and especially the attention to detail. Jan Lederman and her team gave measurable goals for our enterprise to achieve and helped ensure we were dealing with issues critical to the growth of our company.”

– Khal Shariff, Founder & CEO, Project Whitecard Inc.


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